X Chair Reviews X Chair X3 Office Desk Chair

Our Overall Rating. Based on 23 reviews.

7.1 / 10
Easy to use:
9.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
Easy to assemble:
8.5 / 10

X Chair Reviews X Chair X3 Office Desk Chair

Best Molded Foam Office Chair

X Chair Reviews: X Chair X4 Office Desk Chair
  • X Chair Company Review Grade: A
  • Based on 40 reviews


  • Adjustable headrest for height and angle
  • The lumbar support
  • Has recline feature
  • The arms can move in 4 directions
  • Comfortable molded foam seat
  • Ergonomic


  • The price

  • We analyzed a total of 23 reviews for this product.
  • The analysis results: 69.0% of reviews were positive, and 31.0% of reviews had negative statements.
  • We rate this product with a total score of 8.4 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 4 performances:
  • Overall satisfaction: 7.1
  • Ergonomic: 9.0
  • Support: 9.0
  • Comfort: 8.5

We rate this X Chair X3 as the best-molded foam office chair. The biggest difference between the X3 and its predecessor X4 is the upholstery. The X3 has breathable mesh upholstery that keeps you cooler.

We think that during the hot summer months, a cooler office chair is the best option. The molded foam will be much more comfortable for sitting.

If you’re an office worker, X-Chair X3 should be on your list for consideration. The construction is sturdy, with polished metal, and hard-wearing fabrics. This is a premium office chair.

You can get a 40-degree recline, which keeps you in balance position all the way back. The dampening of this chair can be adjusted to your reference, and you can keep moving during the day without standing up.

Positive reviews

“… It is a great chair since I have lower back problems..”

Review/rating: 10 out of 10

“… I put together the chair in just 15 minutes, and then figuring out how everything is customizable.”

Review/rating: 10 out of 10

“… I think it is well designed, comfortable, reclines well, hefty and well built..”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

“…  I use the X3 chair for maybe 2 – 3 hours at a time and it is comfortable and the memory foam seat was an excellent choice for me.”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

Negative reviews

“… The chair adjustments are not as described and feel inexpensive.”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

“… it is so strong that I got back pain after sitting in the chair for 20 minutes!”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

X Chair Reviews X Chair X3 Office Desk Chair
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