Modern Ergonomic Sterling Genuine Leather Executive Chair 2021

Our Overall Rating. Based on 122 reviews.

8.8 / 10
9.5 / 10
9.2 / 10
9.1 / 10

Modern Ergonomic Sterling. The design of this office chair is unique in appearance, provides comfort, and a perfect choice for your work or in your home office.

In this article, you will learn about the pros, cons, customer reviews, and quantitive analysis of the Modern Ergonomic Sterling product so you can get a better view of the product.

Modern Ergonomic Sterling Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Best Genuine Leather Executive Chair

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Modern Ergonomic Sterling Genuine Leather Executive Chair
  • Zuri Furniture Company Review Grade: C
  • Based on 2,476 reviews


  • Sturdy construction
  • Very strong ergonomic features
  • Genuine leather material on back and seat
  • Full 360 swivel
  • Great lumbar support
  • Headrest to maintain ergonomics


  • Leatherette on the back and armrests may cheapen the feel
  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • A chair aimed at taller users, rather than being adjustable to all

  • We analyzed a total of 122  reviews for this Zuri Furniture Modern Ergonomic Sterling Genuine Leather Executive Chair product.
  • The analysis results: 74.5% of reviews were positive, and 25.5% of reviews had negative statements.
  • We rate this product with a total score of 9.2 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 3 performances:
  • Overall satisfaction: 8.8
  • Support: 9.5
  • Ergonomic: 9.2
  • Comfort: 9.1

We rate this Modern Ergonomic Sterling as the Best Genuine Leather Executive Chair. The Sterling executive chair has a fancy, elegant, modern, and traditional look. The backrest provides lumbar support that can reduce pain while you sit for long hours especially the mid-or-lower back pain.

The material is genuine leather, not bonded leather. It will not fall apart like the bonded leather. Other parts of the chair were real metal, and the wheels roll on the floor smoothly.

You need to assemble the chair when the package arrives following its clear and easy-to-read instruction with ease. With the complete screw points, all of the tight fitment would be easy to do and were aligned properly.

The thin cushion is a firmer foam that holds up well and provides good comfort for more than 5 hours during working hours.  It is high-quality construction, stylish design, and comfortable while being supportive enough. The chair can help improving posture.

Positive reviews

“… Assembly was a walk in the park for me and everything put together well and the chair feels sturdy.”

Review/rating: 10 out of 10

“… This chair has a very attractive design and looks fancy and expensive.”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

“… once assembled, I found the chair fits very well and feels solid.”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

“… I think it is the best for quality and comfort.”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

“… I think it is the best office chair I have used in years!”

Review/rating: 10 out of 10

Negative reviews

“… the chair is very uncomfortable and the item is not white.”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

“… The chair hurts my back after sitting in it for half an hour.”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

“… However, the lumbar support is like having two rocks grinding against my kidneys all day.”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

Product questions and answers

What is the width between arms?

The width between the arms is 20.5″.

Will this chair fit a 6’2″ person?

The backrest on the chair is 32.5″ in height, and should accommodate a person of that height.

What kind of leather is this chair made of?

It is genuine leather and it feels like sports car seat leather.

What is the weight capacity?

275 lbs.

Modern Ergonomic Sterling Genuine Leather Executive Chair 2021
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