Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer

Our Overall Rating. Based on 4,525 reviews.

9.7 / 10
Value for money:
9.7 / 10
Sound quality:
9.7 / 10
Quality of material:
9.7 / 10

Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer. We found that there are more than 1,700 customer reviews on Amazon and more than 2,800 reviews on Costco. We are certain that this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer can deliver high-quality sound for customers by analyzing reviews.

We found more to it, including some flaws. This article will give you information so that you will learn about the pros, cons, customer reviews, and quantitive analysis of the Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer product so you can get a better view of the product.

Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer

Best Subwoofer For Home Theater

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Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer
User reviews: 9.4 based on: 1,756 reviews
Positive Reviews: 95%
Neutral Reviews: 2%
Negative Reviews: 3%
  • Klipsch Company Review Grade: B
  • Based on 24,209 reviews
  • 90% of reviews are high-quality
  • Klipsch customer support: 1-800-554-7724


  • Best bang for the buck
  • Beautiful copper woofer
  • Great sound performance
  • High headroom digital amplifier
  • Price to performance value
  • Deep bass response and clean
  • Provide good sound for hearing music and watching a movie


  • It is rather heavy
  • The size
  • Short power cord
  • We analyzed a total of 4,525 reviews for this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer product.
  • The analysis results: 94% of reviews were positive, and 6% of reviews had negative statements.
  • We rate this product with a total score of 9.6 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 4 performances:
  • Overall satisfaction: 9.7
  • Value for money: 9.7
  • Sound quality: 9.7
  • Quality of material: 9.7

We rate this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer as the Best Subwoofer For Home Theater. For music lovers, we think this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer has everything they need. Some expert reviews stated that the product can provide vibrant sound.

Many verified purchasers said they would highly recommend this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer to deliver a very good sound with a nice deep bass sound. A few reviewers are happy with the design and appearance. Several users declare that they think the product is the best bang for the buck.

A bunch of owners said that this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer made them satisfy with the high headroom digital amplifier. A considerable number of buyers testify how responsive the product for watching movies and hearing music. They also applaud its beautiful copper woofer.

However, there is an abundance of owners who say that they complain about how heavy the product and the size. They also think that the power cord is too short. We give a score of 9.7 out of 10 and we would highly recommend this Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer for people who love music and have a hobby of watching movies..

Expert reviews

“… provide clean bass, stylish desikgn, and no distortion.”


“… it is reassuringly inexpensive way to push your sound system to the next level and luxuriate in music as it was meant to be enjoyed.”


“… delivering earth shattering low-end without a single issue, easily making it one of the best sounding subwoofers under $500.”


“… The speakers also come with a removable grille, which is strong and flexible.”


Positive reviews

  • “… it can perform well for music.”
  • “… I definitely recommend this product.”
  • “… It will shake things on the other side of the house and is crystal clear.”
  • “… This thing is awesome.”
  • “… Great value for the money.”
  • “… it feels/sounds better than the real theater.”
  • “… it does its job and at the right price and has a 200 watt RMS amp in it.”
  • “… Highly recommend adding this lovely to your system.”

Negative reviews

  • “… sounds muffled and distorted.”
  • “…  I can’t stress enough the disappointment I have.”
  • “… Not happy with my purchase!”

Comparison to other subwoofers

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer

Best with Sealed Cabinet

User Reviews: 9.4 based on: 257 reviews
Positive Reviews: 94%
Neutral Reviews: 2%
Negative Reviews: 5%
  • SVS Company Review Grade: B
  • Based on 9,298 reviews
  • 90% of the reviews are high-quality
  • SVS Customer Service: 1-877-626-5623
Satisfaction: 9.4
Value for money: 9.5
Sound quality: 9.4
Quality of material: 9.4
Overall: 9.4


  • A great choice for home theater
  • Outstanding performance
  • Good for games, movies, and music
  • Great tone
  • Good warranty


  • None

Acoustic Audio PSW-12

Best with 500 Watts PEAK Power

User Reviews: 8.4 based on: 1,525 reviews
Positive Reviews: 80%
Neutral Reviews: 7%
Negative Reviews: 13%
  • Acoustic Audio Company Review Grade: B
  • Based on 28,415 reviews
  • 50% of the reviews are high-quality
  • Acoustic Audio Customer Service: (800) 910-3575
Satisfaction: 8.0
Value for money: 8.0
Sound quality: 7.6
Quality of material: 8.0
Overall: 7.9


  • Decent bang for your buck
  • Great compact sub for small spaces
  • Reasonably good sound quality


  • Need to adjust crossover frequency

Yamaha NS-SW100BL

Best with Yamaha Active Servo Technology

User Reviews: 9.4 based on: 841 reviews
Positive Reviews: 95%
Neutral Reviews: 2%
Negative Reviews: 3%
  • Yamaha Company Review Grade: C
  • Based on 364,754 reviews
  • 75% of the reviews are reliable
  • Yamaha Customer Service: https://usa.yamaha.com/support/contacts/form.html?page=product
Satisfaction: 9.5
Value for money: 9.4
Sound quality: 9.2
Quality of material: 9.2
Overall: 9.3


  • Clean sound
  • Great balance sound
  • Excellent quality
  • Deep sound bass
  • Great value
  • Well known brand
  • Build quality is superb
  • The unit is solid


  • Heavy

Klipsch R 12SW Subwoofer
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