HumiChar The Andersons Organic Soil Amendment

Our Overall Rating. Based on 1,513 reviews.

9.6 / 10
Easy to spread:
9.7 / 10
Easy to use:
9.7 / 10
Value for money:
9.0 / 10

HumiChar The Andersons Organic Soil Amendment with Humic Acid and Biochar

Best Organic Garden Soil

HumiChar The Andersons Organic Soil Amendment
  • The Andersons Company Review Grade: C
  • Based on 1,510 reviews


  • Easily gets down to the roots
  • The grass can grow twice as fast in just 10 days
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Less compaction
  • Improve soil structure


  • It may not work on some grass
  • The price

  • GP analyzed a total of 1,513 reviews for this product.
  • The analysis results: 76.9% of reviews were positive, and 23.1% of reviews had negative statements.
  • We rate this product with a total score of 9.5 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 4 performances:
  • Overall satisfaction: 9.6
  • Easy to spread: 9.7
  • Easy to use: 9.7
  • Value for money: 9.0

We rate this product as the best organic garden soil. Some reviewers mentioned how fast this product works on grass. It improves soil structure and fertility.

You can spread the product with a broadcaster and wait for 10 days to work to the root.

Positive reviews

“… this product would help with soil quality and compaction.”

“… Wow my lawn is amazing!”

“… easy to use with a broadcast spreader.”

“… This stuff works! The grass grew in a matter of days.”

“… I have noticed a big difference in my lawn since using it!”

Negative reviews

“… I put down on bare dirt prior to hydroseeding and now a month later the product not penetrating into the soil.”

“… I applied the recommended rate and had less of an effect than when I did significantly cheaper humic applications”

“… I watered the grass after application and it did not integrate well with the soil.”

HumiChar The Andersons Organic Soil Amendment
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