Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

Our Overall Rating. Based on 2,970 reviews.

9.5 / 10
Easy to use:
9.4 / 10
9.5 / 10
Easy to hold:
9.5 / 10
Value for money:
9.3 / 10

Dremel 3000 is a sturdy, versatile and reliable tool to utilize when you’re doing home repairs or making improvements. It is a rotary tool that comes with 15 accessories. Every accessory is for a wide variety of uses including sanding, grinding, polishing, cutting, and engraving.

If you are working at home doing repairs, you can choose this Dremel 3000 product. In this article, you will learn about the pros, cons, customer reviews, and quantitive analysis of the Dremel 3000 product so you can get a better view of the product.

Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit 1 Attachments & 28 Accessories

Best Variable Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit
  • Visit the BOSCH Store Company Review Grade: C
  • Based on 515,988 reviews


  • Great tool for small jobs
  • Affordable price
  • Variable speed
  • Very easy to control
  • Low noise level
  • Powerful
  • Compact size


  • Sometimes the chuck lock will not stay locked
  • Corded tool

  • We analyzed a total of 2,970 reviews for this product.
  • The analysis results: 76.1% of reviews were positive, and 23.9% of reviews had negative statements.
  • We rate this product with a total score of 9.4 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 5 performances:
  • Overall satisfaction: 9.5
  • Easy to use: 9.4
  • Versatility: 9.5
  • Easy to hold: 9.5
  • Value for money: 9.3

We rate this Dremel 3000 as the best variable speed rotary tool. With different speed levels, we are impressed that the rotary tool can reach 35,000 RPM. This tool offers various speed levels which is certainly quite useful.

The Dremel 3000 provides smooth, easy movement for more comfort. The design is ergonomic that comes with small grips around the sides. It feels a low vibration while running and low noise. With these features, the Dremel 3000 is suitable for beginners.

The product is powered by 1.2 amps and 120 volts motor that can provide steady performance. The motor is well ventilated to lower heat.

The Dremel 3000 is an easy tool to use that comes with 25 different attachments for a wide variety of different small jobs.

Since it is a corded rotary tool, you need to have access to a power source. The maneuver is limited compared to a cordless rotary tool.

It is quite reasonable when it comes to its noise level because of the added insulation.

We think that with all of these features, the tool can please every user.

Positive reviews

“… For the few small jobs that I have, this Dremel 3000 helped me gets the job done.”

Review/rating: 10 out of 10

“…  I think it was affordable and does the job well.”

Review/rating: 10 out of 10

“… This toolset is wonderful with all the accessories which come with it.”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

“… It does this job well for me.”

Review/rating: 9 out of 10

Negative reviews

“… Turned it off, and it would not turn back on again.”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

“… It would not turn on.”

Review/rating: 1 out of 10

Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit
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